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2017 Hottest Home Interior Colour Trends

2017 Hottest Home Interior Colour Trends

While it only seems like yesterday we were forecasting trends for 2016, it is once again time to investigate the hottest home interior trends for 2017. When designing your custom home, it helps to keep in the know. While your own tastes play the majority of the role, consulting an authoritative source can help to ensure you’re at the top of your game for 2017 interior trends.

No one knows more about colour than the executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Lee Eiseman. Since the 1960’s, Pantone Inc. has been the authority on colour and colour technology, forecasting accurate trends in the world of home and interior design.

At the International House and Homewares Show, Eiseman unveiled the home interior colour trends for 2017. Not only will these palettes be the backdrop to the interior of custom homes for the year to come, but they will also be seen in furniture, linen, accessories, fashion and basically everything else.

“We are all familiar with consumers’ constant desire to see something new, yet they still want, in many cases, to have somewhat of a familiar comfort level” she says. “We have to assess our customers’ aspirations by using credible forecasts as a guide to invigorated colour design palettes that will inform and encourage new colour directions. The question is: What can we do to tweak our colour palettes to make consumers stop and take notice?”

So what influences colour trends you ask? Well, the film industry for one. Eiseman indicates that the colours we see on the big screen have an important influence on what hues make it into our home.

As recent examples, she cited Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the brighter and re-engineered colours in The Peanuts Movie and the metaphorical use of colour to depict emotion in Disney’s Inside Out.

And of course, Pantone’s 2016 colours of the year were given a strong mention. Serenity and Rose Quartz both represent a breath of fresh air in interior design. According to Eiseman, these hues represent a way of helping consumers “escape the stress of their modern lives, offering reassurance and security in difficult times.”

And while it helps to hear this information in broad terms, sometimes we just want the specifics. For divergent tastes and the biggest colour trends, Eiseman offers a blueprint. Here’s a recap of the interior colour trends you will be decorating with in 2017:

Interior Colour Trend #1 – Kale

“We refer to [Kale] as ‘oxygenating,’ taking a breath of fresh air. The world of architecture is also in on the trend given the breadth of vertical gardens, rooftop greenery and leafy plazas cropping up in new commercial buildings from New York to Dubai.”


Jessica Chastain’s NYC apartment | Source: Architectural Digest

Interior Colour Trend #2 – Primrose Yellow

Described by Eiseman as “great fun,” primrose yellow is a classic; strong and vibrant take on the traditional colour. This shade helps to make a statement in your interior, paired nicely with greenery to retain life and versatility.


Spring Color Palette | Source: 79 Ideas

Interior Colour Trend #3 – Flame

Style-wise, current and future forecasts point to a mix of design and colour where earthy, terracotta tones are offered. Flame offers a bold colour that works to add a luxurious and sophisticated edge to your interior.


Source: Vogue Living

Interior Colour Trend #4 – Greenery

This colour is an apple or grass-toned shade that is said to be stress relieving and comparable to elevating your mood by connecting with nature. Eiseman states that “anything you can create that gives you the feeling of really being immersed in nature is a good thing.”


Source: Vogue Living

Interior Colour Trend #5 – Hazelnut

This colour is subtly luxurious, described by Eiseman as ”a quintessential neutral with a warm undertone.” While the colour will keep your interior palette feeling fresh, they will also help to transcend your home through the seasons.


Source: Erika Brechtel

Interior Colour Trend #6 – Lapis Blue:

While it may seem bold initially, this muted shade can be used as overtly or subtly as you desire. As Eiseman says “Blues are anchoring colours, and give us reason to calm down a bit.”


Source: Dering Hall

Interior Colour Trend #7 – Niagara:

Similar to Lapis, this shade is also calming and perfect for both inside and out.


Jessica Chastain’s NYC apartment | Source: Dering Hall

Interior Colour Trend #8 – Pale Dogwood

Screaming feminine, Pale Dogwood is similar to one of the 2016 colours of the year, Rose Quartz. It is a pink that people still adore as “designers are working in a season where they’re thinking of lightness and airiness.”


Source: Dering Hall

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