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7 Secrets to Designing Your Dream Custom Home

7 Secrets to Designing Your Dream Custom Home

For many of us, it is our dream to design a custom home. Although, we can be unsure where to begin when it comes to designing. It may seem like a momentous job, but designing your dream custom home need not be a daunting experience.

When planning your dream custom home it is important that you have designed your home to the specifications that fit in with your current lifestyle, but also your on-going and future needs too. The decision making that goes into designing your dream custom home can be overwhelming, at Mazzei Homes we compiled a list of our top secrets to design the dream house for you and your family to enjoy.

1. What are your family’s needs?

When you begin designing your dream custom home, first you need to consult your chosen custom home builder but you also need to think about what type of home and living space you are looking to create for you and your family’s needs to allow you to live the life you dream of.

Look at your current living arrangement and ask yourself what works well? Which are the rooms you love and enjoy spending the most time in? What spaces do not really work? In those spaces what is it you think is missing or unnecessary? Acknowledge your family’s living routine, take note of which rooms are getting the most use and where are the areas that perhaps lack space when everyone is together.

2. Create a list of must-have home requirements

Before you begin to work on the finer details of your custom home, first you must consider any requirements that are crucial and those that are a little more flexible when considering your home’s overall design. Consider the home’s natural flow, would you like an open plan living space or are you looking to create a more traditional layout, or perhaps a secluded area out of the way of the rest of the house for some much-needed privacy. Construct a list of pros and cons of each idea and see what works best for your family’s needs and routines.


3. Create a functional and stylish home

Your designer home style is crucial when designing your dream custom home, it exhibits your personality and adds interest and enjoyment to your day to day routine. Although your home design style is important, you should also focus on the lifestyle of your family.

Will your home be refined and formal, or casual and laid back? What type of neighbourhood will suit your family? Are you looking for a waterfront location, a friendly suburb or somewhere more secluded? Are you the type of family who often entertain family and friends or are you finding a sanctuary perfect for you. Is your family currently outgrowing the space they are in and looking for more space for their hobbies and belongings? Or, have your children moved away from home and you are looking to downsize to something more manageable needing less maintenance?

4. Gather some inspiration

Magazines, websites and photographs of various styles of homes are perfect for gathering inspiration for your home. You may even consider setting up a Pinterest board to share your ideas. Take note of the exact elements you like and everything you do not like. Pay close attention to colours, designs, materials and furniture as these will all help you in designing your dream custom home. With the elements you particularly love, let you custom home builder know. This will allow your builder to see if your vision fits in with the current floor plans or whether it is possible to accommodate your needs.

5. Balance your home design style with your budget

When you begin designing your dream custom home, always remember to keep your budget in mind. This will ensure you have no shocks later on in the build and stops you from having to cut corners later in the project build. Keeping your budget in the forefront of your mind will help you avoid this problem.

What will your total monthly outgoings be, this can include your mortgage payments, property taxes and insurance etc? Calculate an estimate of your monthly living costs in regards to utilities and outgoings. By gaining a good grasp on your future home costs, you can then work this into your home building budget and design accordingly.

6. Don’t be afraid to upgrade

When planning your custom home build make sure you build it to your specifications and requirements. When choosing finishes around your home, whether it be flooring or tiles, some homeowners often choose a cheaper finish with the plan to change it in the future. Why not choose the upgrades in the beginning so you can enjoy living in luxury from day one and without having to do additional work along the way.

7. Provide detailed direction for your custom home builder

Once you have established your family’s living needs, the home design style you are looking to achieve and the budget you have for this build, you can then begin working with your custom home builder in your area to get your project started.

Custom home builders are renowned for having great expertise, and along with your guidance and information will make designing your dream custom home a breeze. Outline a clear timeline with your custom home builder for each stage of the development process and communicate together the project planning and execution. Communicate with your custom home builder about each step of the construction process to become familiar with what it is they do and be sure to ask questions when needed.


Building your dream custom home is an exciting experience for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. As Melbourne custom home builders, Mazzei Homes have been involved in various highly successful builds and have extensive experience in delivering quality new and custom home designs, contact Mazzei Homes today to find out more.

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