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How to Add Artwork to Your Home Decor

How to Add Artwork to Your Home Decor

Have you just moved into your new home, or noticed your walls are lacking character? At Mazzei Homes, we have put together our best tips on how to incorporate artwork into your home decor.

Analyse Your Space Before Buying Art

The most important thing you need to consider before you’re buying art is your home design style, your current space and exactly where you want to add the art. It is important to inspect your space carefully, to see what type of art will fit in your room. You should analyse the available space and colour. Avoid adding art pieces to a room if it is too large or too small for the space, and also avoid buying artwork that contains lots of bright colours if you are looking to add it to a room with neutral colours.

Choose The Right Art For You

Just because other people think something looks good does not mean it is going to look great in your room. This is your home and your room and the art that you choose to fill your room should inspire you. Finding the right art is really important as it needs to suit your style and feel of the room.

The most affordable artwork come from emerging artists, if you are looking for art from renowned artists you will certainly expect to have to pay more due to supply and demand. These costs also include the recovery of expenses like a dealer’s cut, studio maintenance and salaries. Although investment art pieces are great, don’t be afraid to browse your local gallery and see what the independent galleries have on offer.

Hanging Artwork

It has now become a common trend to choose not to hang your art, instead, many are choosing to lean it against the wall. However, if you are looking to hang your artwork the bottom of the artwork or frame should only be 8-16 inches above your sofa or table. You should aim to position the artwork so the heart of the piece is at eye level.

If you have small artwork, you should look to hang multiple artworks in columns or rows, follow the same rule previously and start the lowest row approximately 8-16 inches above your furniture. This placement will help to create a unified design statement. When it comes to leaning your artwork rather than hang it, shelving and fireplaces are a great focal point to any space. Another great place is quite simply on the floor, this is a great way to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere to your space.

Choosing Colours

Choose colours based on the mood you want to create in each room, for instance, neutral colours are considered calming so incorporating these colours into your bedroom design will set the mood perfectly. Yellow and other vibrant colours create a welcoming, cheerful mood, artwork that has these hues will be perfect for your living space or dining room.

Many people seem to be afraid of using white as they believe it exhibits a lack of character however, it does quite the opposite. White walls will allow your guests to focus solely on the artwork, and vice versa, if your artwork contains a lot of white, make sure you hang it on a colourful wall.

Get Creative with Framing

Your artworks frame can have a big effect on the overall piece, before you decide to throw away your art you should consider what it might be like framed differently. Begin by removing it from the frame and taking a fresh look. You can instantly refresh a piece with a new frame or unleash its hidden character by adding a vintage frame.

Design Your Room Around Art

When you first walk into a room what do you notice? Find the focal point of your room and identify where your eyes are immediately focused. This is the perfect place for a piece of statement artwork and you can also use this to design the rest of the room around. Consider choosing one of the secondary colours from your artwork and continue this colour throughout the room, whether it be a lampshade, pillow or rug. If required, your custom home builder can design your room around your artwork will help the eye to connect all the pieces in the room creating a unifying statement to your home design style.

Living Room Sitting Area Photo: Michael Partenio | Source: Houzz


You should not be afraid to have some fun and experiment with art and images in your home.

Art doesn’t have to be all about bright white galleries and expensive pieces. Instead, make it all about you, and help create a home you love to spend time in.

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