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Are you Ready to Build your Custom Home?

Are you Ready to Build your Custom Home?

Building a custom home in Melbourne can be a dream. You are buying a home but also creating a home to your own personal specification. At Mazzei Homes, we believe that your custom home can be the ultimate expression of your lifestyle and your own creative flair.

Are you finding it hard to make the decision whether or not to build your custom home? When is the right time to stop searching for your perfect home and decide to build your custom home? By understanding the construction process, being part of the team and keeping a close eye on your budget, we can help your custom home become the house of your dreams. Below we have put together some steps to help you decide if now is the perfect time for you.

Choose your Custom Home Builder

When looking for a custom home builder you should ask to view other homes that your builder has worked on and also feel free to ask for references and take the time to contact them with any queries you may have. By carrying out these steps will help you feel confident with your choice of custom home builders to help you achieve the luxury home you have always dreamt about.

Choose a Home Design Style

When planning to build your custom home, you should have an idea about what kind of style and feel you want as it will streamline the design process. Deciding on a home design style, although not absolutely necessary, it is extremely helpful. It will also make it easier to style the finished build as the house will have been created with your design vision in mind

Inspect the Neighbourhood

Building a custom home will require you to invest both your time and money. Before you build your home or even set your heart on an area your first priority is to check out the neighbourhood. This includes proximity to public transport, schools and even potential resale value for the future. When it comes time to build your custom home you should look to keep your home similar size and price of other properties in the area. This way you should be able to maintain and even increase your resale value.

Establish your Goals

When establishing your goals, try and create a list of your priorities and be ready to suggest ways to get what you want while avoiding potential problems that may arise. When you are faced with challenging decisions during the design process, you and your team will be able to look at your prioritised list to really focus on what will get you closer to your goals instead of creating distractions.
Some of the goals you may choose to prioritise could be morning light in your lounge room or creating a walk-in robe for the main bedroom. Deciding on these goals early on will save you time and money and will stop any expensive changes during or after construction.


Establish a Budget

Determining a budget is crucial to your design and build. When deciding on your budget, begin with what you can comfortably afford and how the cost of your dream house fits in with your plans for the future. When planning, ensure you include all details, including the cost of  the land, fees, taxes and design and engineering fees and also the construction of the landscape not just the home and also the decor and furniture you wish to include.

Allow for Extra Funding

When planning for such a large project you have no doubt heard of situations of people blowing budgets during construction. This can be avoided through the design phase by choosing the right custom home designer who is willing to provide ongoing construction estimates as you documenting your design. It may be slightly more time consuming but it can save a lot of heartache later on. If you have a very fixed amount you want to spend on your home, declare this in your brief and ensure you designer knows that they can’t go over this amount. Finally, seek a fixed priced building contact for your build also to give you greater peace of mind during construction.


Building a custom home is an exciting and highly rewarding experience to achieve a personalised home for you to enjoy for many years to come. As Melbourne custom home builders, Mazzei Homes have been involved in various highly successful builds and have extensive experience in delivering quality new and custom home designs.

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