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7 Interior Trends You Can’t Go Past in 2017

1. Greenery With the 2017 Pantone colour named as the zesty yellow-green shade known as ‘Greenery’, interior trends will be making a move away from the soft, dulcet tones of Rose Quartz in a bold new direction. Integrating this stand out colour into the home may seem daunting, but brilliant results can be achieved with … Continued

5 Irresistible New Custom Home Features for Melbourne

Latest Advancements in Technology Through the developments in technology over the recent years, we have changed and added new ways to complete things around the house. Adding technology to your home can create a more functional and smarter place for you to live in. Whether it’s adding remote controlled lights, a smart TV or even … Continued

Top 10 Features for Your New Custom Home

The beauty of building a custom home is that you can get exactly what you want out of your space. Gone are the days where practicality outweighs your personal tastes; custom homes put you in the driver’s seat. You are given the opportunity to indulge yourself, creating a home full of the features you have always wanted.

If you’re thinking about adding an element of luxury design, consider adding the following features to your new custom home.

Finding A Custom Home Builder You Can Trust

For most people, building a new home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, so it is important to get it right the first time.

Choosing the best custom home builder for you and your project is essential to its success. Remember, you will likely be working together for 6-12 months; so as with any relationship, there needs to be trust and clear communication from the onset.

Luxury Bathroom Trends for 2017

Renovating or redecorating your bathroom can be a big investment in time and money. To get the most out of the experience, it’s important to do your homework before you start planning your luxury bathroom.

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