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How to Add Artwork to Your Home Decor

Have you just moved into your new home, or noticed your walls are lacking character? At Mazzei Homes, we have put together our best tips on how to incorporate artwork into your home decor.

Home Inspiration of the Month: Minimalist Interiors

When it comes to home design, white is often seen as the epitome of modernity, class and sleekness. If inspirational minimalist interiors are what you are searching for, Mazzei Homes are sure to give you the best and most current ideas this season!

The Mazzei Guide: Choosing Your Lighting

Choosing your lighting is one of the important details you need to plan when decorating a new space, as good lighting can create a sense of homeliness and warmth. However, this decision is not always easy, even if you are planning a simple renovation. If you are organised and take each room one by one the process will be much smoother when deciding your custom home design.

Home Inspiration of the Month: Modern Metallic Pieces

This season is the best for bringing metallic inspiration into your home interiors. Everywhere you look metallic pieces are this season’s hottest trend. From the warm rose gold, brass and copper accents to the cool chrome, stainless steel and nickel, these applications to our home designs looks like they are here to stay making modern metallics our home inspiration of the month.

The Mazzei Guide: Door Handles and Knobs

We guide you through various types of knobs and handles that may just be the perfect door hardware match for your dwelling and lifestyle as they go above and beyond their (obvious) practical purpose and are sure to enhance the functionality, durability, safety and security of your doors and home too.

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