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Indoor Plants: Which Work Best for your Home?

There is actually no such thing as an indoor plant. When someone refers to indoor plants, it means a plant that is able to handle the added stress of growing indoors. Plants that are usually able to survive under indoors usually come from subtropical climates and are accustomed to growing in poor light conditions.

Home Inspiration of the Month: French Provincial Décor

Many of us begin to collect pieces for our home before we actually determine a home design style. While you want to avoid your home looking overly themed, maintaining your sense of personal style can help you find ways to tie all your homewares together and make a compatible choice in the future.

9 Tips for the Perfect Knockdown Rebuild

Have you been thinking that you have outgrown your home? Or perhaps it is beginning to look a little neglected or no longer suits your specific needs. While renovating your existing home, selling and buying, or building elsewhere are some of the possible solutions to solve these common housing dilemmas, there is also another option worth considering, knocking down your current house and building a new one in its place.

How to Determine Your Home Design Style

Whether you have just moved into your house or you are trying to refresh your current space to a more accurate reflection of you, read on to see how simple it is to identify your own decorating style and how to incorporate this into your space.

Home Inspiration: How to Mix Patterns in Your Home

Mixing patterns in a room is a great way to add interest, colour, depth and will give a custom look to all luxury homes. Many use pattern as a form of expression and to make a connection to other times and places. Others will use and mix patterns to reflect the character of the owner.

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