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The Mazzei Guide: Choosing Your Lighting

The Mazzei Guide: Choosing Your Lighting

Lighting is for creating ambiance, aesthetics, tasks and seeing better in your home. Although, lighting is one of the most overlooked elements when people design their homes. Think about your current space and assess whether it has all the lighting functionalities and qualities you desire. If your answer is no, here at Mazzei Homes we have provided our best tips when choosing your lighting for you and your family.

Choosing your lighting is one of the important details you need to plan when decorating a new space, as good lighting can create a sense of homeliness and warmth. However, this decision is not always easy, even if you are planning a simple renovation. If you are organised and take each room one by one the process will be much smoother when deciding your custom home design.

Determine Your Lighting Goals

The first step when choosing your lighting design is to decide how each space will be used. When choosing your lighting, it should fit your desired task. Lighting is usually split into three categories, decorative, task and mood lighting. Direct or task lighting is focused in the space you are looking to work in. Task lighting should emit enough light to complete the desired task, you should be able to activate it when needed and switch it off to bring the room back to a more relaxed state.


Mood or indirect lighting is used to create ambiance and for the overall lighting of a space and to enhance the style of the room. Dimmer lights are extremely useful to control the lighting for different times of the day. Once you have determined what lighting you would like you can begin to choose your lighting options. Each room in your home should have a mood you want to set, as well as a function you would like your lighting to fulfill.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting is the key element in the design of a room. You should view decorative lighting as jewellery, consider the style, shape, colour and size when choosing the perfect lighting accessory. An extravagant accessory to any room which is sure to make a statement is a chandelier. People’s sights are automatically drawn to chandeliers when they enter a room due to its substantial size and lavish designs. Glistening with crystals or shimmering with sleek chrome arms, chandeliers come in various styles to suit your home design style.


Overhead lighting adds an excellent touch if it is done correctly. Consider your lightings size and intended use when going for an overhead fixture in a living space. A large floor lamp over a small chair would not work effectively. Although, a lamp with a larger base would look great against a sofa. This is the same for small lamps, if the seating you are placing it next to is large, look for a medium to large lamp base.

Multiple Lighting

Inside your home, experiment with multiple light sources for one space. For instance, rooms such as the kitchen, living spaces and bedrooms multiple light sources will help you to achieve a variety of functions and activities in that space. In the kitchen, implementing under cabinet lights can provide excellent task lighting. In a living room, choose a floor lamp next to the sofa, while in the bathroom you may choose to light the mirror so you are free from shadows and glaring light.

Photo by John Maniscalco. Source: Houzz Photo by John Maniscalco | Source: Houzz.com

Lighting For Security

Many people neglect the use of lighting when it comes to outside their home. Outdoor lighting can be used in walkways, sidewalks, around the perimeter of your house, and the front entry should be lit with ambient lighting. Lighting that is too dim on the exterior is a welcome sign for intruders, whilst too bright of exterior lighting is not cost effective and can also cause disturbance to neighbours. Adding flood lights to your exterior of your home that are motion activated is a great way to  further deter intruders. If you are unsure how to effectively choose your lighting for the outside of your home, follow the lighting of your neighbours for further guidelines as to what to use for your own home.

Children’s Rooms

When choosing your lighting for nurseries and children’s room, remember night lighting. Consider the lighting for when children sleep when planning your lighting requirements. Night lights are an excellent choice to help children from being scared, but can also help parents find their way around dark rooms. When it comes to nurseries, consider a dim wall sconce or a table lamp that can help when rocking an infant to sleep.


Choosing your lighting can help your ambiance and mood in your home. Just like the colour of your room’s, lighting should also enhance your space and make it feel warm and inviting.

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