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How to Determine Your Home Design Style

How to Determine Your Home Design Style

People’s homes are their pride and joy and many seek a home design style they are proud to show off. Many of us struggle to find our own sense of style when it comes to designing our homes. We are all guilty or perusing home decoration magazines, websites and blogs and often like what we see. So when it comes to decorating our own homes, how come we struggle to know which direction to turn?

Whether you have just moved into your house or you are trying to refresh your current space to a more accurate reflection of you, read on to see how simple it is to identify your own decorating style and how to incorporate this into your space.

Walk Around Your Home

When walking around your home, take careful notice of everything you have. Make note of exactly what it is you love and also what you might look to get rid of and replace. What is it that stands out and grabs your attention? Look at your walls, are they too plain and lacking colour variations? Whether it’s your walls, your furnishings, or your pieces of art on the wall, what do you notice?

Take notice of which things stand out the most. Perhaps there are particular pieces that are not particularly to your liking. What do you think your house says about you and do you feel that it fairly represents who you are? Are there items of yours that hold sentiment or have a significant meaning? The best place to start is to remove all items that have no significance or meaning to you. Look for the obvious, look for those things that inspire you and bring certain feelings that make your home truly feel like home.

Filter Through Your Belongings

Take the time to go through all your belongings. Carefully filter through all photographs, souvenirs, memorabilia and tokens. Set aside those items which hold strong sentimental value. You can use some of the items directly into your decor and some of these items will be able to inspire your home design style.


What Are Your Interests?

Perhaps you are a photographer, dancer, sportsman or an avid reader? Are you passionate about gardening, animals or fashion? You should look to decorate your home with items and memorabilia that relate directly to your interests and hobbies to add an immediate sense of style to your home. Consider turning a large and empty wall into a gallery of your favourite photographs taken over the years, your favourite paintings or prints of your favourite albums. If you are an avid reader, display all the books you have collected over the years.

Incorporate Your Travels

Where are the places that mean the most to you? Which places did you find special and that hold special memories for you or that inspires you? Think about the particular colours, textures and styles of these places. These places say a lot about your personality and this should translate easily into your home design style.

Imagine Your Dream Home

For just a moment, eliminate any concerns you have about cost and think about what your dream home would have. Think about all the details, from the windows to the ceilings and door handles and imagine the colour and textures you would choose. Would you be bold and bright or more subtle and calm? There are many ways to incorporate the aspects you love about your imaginary dream home into your real home. There are also many ways to create illusions, for instance, creating the illusion or larger rooms and taller ceilings. There are many ways to make your home feel modern or alternatively more classic and traditional, as well as many ways to incorporate colour and style into your home with your existing furnishings and accessories.


Get Inspiration From Magazines

Home magazines are a perfect way to collect together photos of all the home design styles you love. Collect the photos together in a sketchbook or pinboard. You will soon start to notice some similarities such as architectural styles, furniture styles and notice similar patterns and colours.

Look At Other People’s Homes

What is it about your friends and families homes that you like. Look to draw inspiration from what you see. Take note of what you find aesthetically pleasing and how you can use someone else’s ideas and influences and incorporate this into your own home design style.

Talk To The Experts

If you are looking for some expert advice talk to the experts here at Mazzei Homes, a custom home builder in Melbourne, committed to delivering excellence. Whether it is the way our carpenters meticulously finish your house frame or how our building supervisors assess each home like it’s their own. Our team’s devotion to precision and service allows the shared vision of client and design to be fully realised to the highest standard.

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