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The Mazzei Guide: Door Handles and Knobs

The Mazzei Guide: Door Handles and Knobs

When it comes to your home interior the small things are often overlooked. We focus on the major items such as furniture and paint colours, but you should never underestimate the power of household hardware.

There’s a lot that goes into finding door hardware that suits your style. That’s why we created these interior home design styles: so you’re confident when choosing the hardware for your home. These small items hold great significance. Door handles and knobs are the jewellery that can add sparkle to any space. A striking new doorknob can bring a huge amount of style to your home.

Before you begin to consider replacing your old door handles and knobs with the perfect style to fit your home, you must first consider the type of functionality your hardware needs throughout your selection process. For those opting for a custom home builders Melbourne based, you should allow more time when choosing your door handles and knobs.

Below we guide you through various types of knobs and handles that may just be the perfect door hardware match for your dwelling and lifestyle as they go above and beyond their (obvious) practical purpose and are sure to enhance the functionality, durability, safety and security of your doors and home too.

Choosing Door Handles and Knobs

Choosing your door handles and knobs will depend on the different doors within your home as they will all have their own specific locking options. For instance, the exterior locked entrance should be the strongest locks in your entire home while your bedrooms or bathrooms should just be to provide some privacy. Replacing your exterior door hardware with electronic keypads is a great option as this eliminates the hassle of constantly searching for your keys.

Latest Trends

One of the most popular styles which continues to appear in many homes is lacquered or aged brass. Designers are using bold tones and antique pieces that look worn. For a real antique finish, install unlacquered brass that tarnished over time, or you can look for pre-antiqued brass that already has a colourful patina. These styles are extremely popular as they are more sophisticated and less formal than polished and glossy styles.

A more contemporary option is matte black hardware. Matte finishes, in general, are being used a great amount and it is especially great for modern kitchen or for adding dark contrast to bright spaces. The matte finish is particularly functional as it helps to camouflage any scratches or smudges you would see on glossy door handles and knobs.


Consistent or Contrasting

Make note of all the door hardware and metals in the room and decide whether you would prefer to match them or whether you would like to inject some dramatic contrast to the room. Each method works well, as long as it is done deliberately and there is a clear thought process otherwise you could risk your room looking extremely messy. Having similar tones is a great place to start and when you are feeling more confident why not try and mix metals.

Weather Ready

When deciding door handles and knobs for exterior doors, it is important to select designs that look good but are also made from materials that will withstand all elements. You may find that your door handles and knobs may make a strong first impression, but if they are not made from correct materials they may not last that long. Door handles and knobs that are made from materials like aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated steel are ideal for use on exterior doors as they will not rust or corrode and also only require minimal maintenance.


Easy to Clean

After a busy Monday to Friday, the last thing you want to do is spend your weekend cleaning and wiping off fingerprints of your door handles and knobs. You can avoid this hassle and invest in high-shine door hardware such as brass and chrome and invest in a brushed or matte finish instead.

Family Proof

Child proof your doors by swapping handles with sharp, pointed edges with round knobs or gently curved levers. This will give you a piece of mind knowing children will be less likely to hurt themselves if they do bump into a door, compared to the more angular, sharp shapes that could result in serious injuries.

Talk to the Experts

With a wide range of finishes to choose from, our experts at Mazzei Homes will make sure you find the best-suited door hardware to match your home’s distinct style. After seeing what we have to offer you may decide to start with something completely new. You can customise your door handles and knobs with different finish options for either side of the door to suit every room interior.


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