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Home Styling for Spring: Tips for the Upcoming Season

Home Styling for Spring: Tips for the Upcoming Season

Home Styling for Spring
Feeling that your home décor is a little old-fashioned? Are you ready to freshen things up? Then it could be time to try out some upcoming season design trends.

With the weather warming and the flowers in bloom, Spring is a great time of year to reinvigorate your interiors. The great thing is, custom homes allow you to do just this. From getting creative with colours to focusing on natural materials, here’s our list of home styling tips to bring in the season.

Bring The Outside In

Reconnecting with nature is important no matter what time of year it is. But after the stuffy, cold winter months, filling your home with indoor plants is more important than ever. Bringing nature inside is a simple way of brightening up your home, purifying the air, and helping keep the stress levels in check.

Head to the nursery and buy some classic plants such as the English ivy, rubber tree, peace lily, and jade plant. You can also tap into the desert-chic vibes with some smaller cactus varieties or terrariums.

Keep It Natural

As the world continues to focus on sustainability, natural materials and tones will be at the forefront of home styling for Spring. Embrace the trend by seeking out the handmade and the authentic this season. Look for furniture pieces and items made from wood, marble, clay and cork, keeping your focus on quality – not price.

Consider buying linens, blankets and cushion covers made from natural fibres, and don’t be afraid to mix materials together. When it comes to the kitchen, refresh the cupboards with earthenware bowls, wooden serving platters, and other naturally made pieces. Including natural elements into your home design is a great way of giving back to the environment, while staying on trend.

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Get Colourful

Monochrome interiors might still be going strong in custom homes, but this Spring you’ll see a rejuvenated use of colour. Jewel tones such as pink, red, sapphire blue and emerald green can bring a healthy dose of life to your home décor. You can scatter a few accents around your rooms, or completely refresh your colour scheme – it’s up to you.

Coming out of winter is also the perfect time to make a statement with your home style. If you’re feeling bold, get creative with bright or floral patterned wallpaper. It’s a trend that can be easily applied to any wall of your home that’s lacking vitality and colour.

Make It Personal

These days, the media bombards us with an endless cycle of looks and styles. This means there will be a greater emphasis on bespoke home styling. With the changing seasons, this is your chance to incorporate more of a unique approach to your interiors.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need some advice from a trusted custom home builder, think about infusing your projects with more artistic, unusual and progressive ideas. Keep your eye out for furniture and decorations that reflect your own sense of style and personality.

Embrace Artisan

One of the upcoming season design trends to really embrace is the artisan aesthetic. By focusing on one-of-a-kind and handmade goods, you’ll satisfy that urge to make your home styling more personal and creative. Whether you’re shopping at your local market or favourite bespoke furniture store, look for items such as woven baskets, custom-knitted quilts, and decorative pottery goods.

Supporting local makers is a great way of investing in high-quality pieces, as well as bringing more of an Australian vibe into your home.

Hang Stylised Prints

To complement the natural feel that indoor plants provide, you can also extend the theme in more artistic ways. For something a little different, buy a set of botanical prints to hang up on your living room walls. While it’s a style of art that harks back to the Victorian era, it’s emerging as a popular modern trend in home styling. You can also look into vintage-inspired animal and insect prints of monkeys, koalas, beetles, and even butterflies. You can find these types of prints on Etsy, at local markets, or in boutique retail stores.


Feeling inspired? If you’re interested in any of our home styling tips, or you’re looking into other modern trends in custom home designs, get in touch with Mazzei Homes today. We can help you design a home that suits your vision, no matter what the season.

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