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How to Decorate Your Home with Colour

How to Decorate Your Home with Colour

With the arrival of Spring fast approaching, we have suddenly gained a taste for all things colourful. When you come to decorate your home with colour the options are endless.

It’s time to broaden your horizons and venture outside of your comfort zone and inject some colour into your home decor. Although there are a multitude of decorating styles and techniques, when you decorate your home with colour there are no specific set rules in place, it’s about what you feel comfortable with, and your personal vision for your home.

A world of paint colours currently awaits you from gorgeously rich reds to fresh sea blues, to modern pinks and soft neutrals. Whether you are looking to add interest to your space with a new feature wall or if you need to freshen up your entire home, get inspiration with these perfect paint colour ideas and decorate your home with colour.

Experimenting with colour can make the world of difference, not just to the look of your home but also to your mood. The colours of the rooms in your home are a direct reflection of your personality. At Mazzei Homes, the leading custom home builder Melbourne wide, we have put together a range of decorating ideas and tips to help decorate your home with colour that suits your home design style.


Finding the Perfect Shade

We all have our favourite colours and we also have our safe colours when it comes to decorating. From nature-inspired neutrals, to vibrant pinks and electrifying blues. As well as having a favourite colour, it is likely you have a favourite tone too, brights to pastels or neutral hues, what catches your eye the most. Whether you are looking for subtle colours to help you relax or bright, thought-provoking colours for your entertainment space, the tone will have a big impact on the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve.

  • Bathroom and Bedroom: Both of these rooms are associated with relaxation areas and are best designed using cooler hues. When paired with a slight accent of warm colour it will add stimulation and a modern combination which is both elegant and youthful.
  • Living or Dining Rooms: For the living or dining room, choose colours that stimulate conversation and a welcoming atmosphere. Red and oranges are known to be a communicative colour and will result in a trendy and vibrant atmosphere.

Create a Balanced Colour Scheme

Decorating your home with colour is easy as long as you create a good balance. Rooms which are beautifully decorated are almost always divided into the percentages of 60-30-10. When it comes to decorating your room, divide the colours into these following percentages:

  • 60%: dominant colour to unify the colouration
  • 30%: secondary colour to provide visual interest
  • 10%: an accent colour to add a pop of interest

Take Inspiration from Patterns

A great way to decorate your home with colour and help you choose a colour scheme is to look at the colours used in various patterns around your room. This could be patterned upholstered furniture, bed sheets, colourful rugs, drapery or even large artwork added to your space. Not only is this an easy way to pick colours, it is also less expensive as you will not need to buy additional soft furnishings to compliment it.

Pick Colours in Pairs

Choosing two colours within your colour scheme is considered to be modern and bold, especially if they are a contrast of each other or inverted such as yellow and purple or orange and blue. When choosing these daring colour combinations you should ensure you plan extremely carefully and utilise these colours the right way.

Create a Natural Flow

In order to create a natural flow of colour from one room to another, choose a colour you are using in one other room and reinstate it in a different way to an adjoining space. If your bed is purple, use the same shade of purple in the bathroom mats and towels. Use your chosen colour in larger or smaller quantities as you move around your home. Use the purple in lampshades or rugs or on the placemats and cushions in your dining room.

Create a Mood

Naturally, we all associate colour with what they represent in our minds. Reds may be represented with fire and energy, blue the calming air or the sea and yellow with the warmth of the sun. Utilise these emotional responses and use these colours depending on what emotional impact you want your room to exhibit. The emotional impact of the colour should also reflect the activities being performed in the space.

Colour is the easiest and most effective way of instantly creating a mood and atmosphere for every room in your home. Try using warm, inviting colours in rooms where you want people to feel welcome such as living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. You may want to make your bathroom a relaxing, stress-free spa with watery colours reminiscent of the sea. A chic, contemporary bedroom could be achieved by layering neutrals or create a dramatic room with deep purples and reds. Experiment with lighting to create moods for different situations, for example, romantic, practical, formal, entertaining etc.


If you are looking for a personalised touch and need help with how best to decorate your home with colour, Mazzei Homes will fulfil your every need when it comes to luxury homes built by qualified custom home builders Melbourne based.

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