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5 Inspiring Interior Design Trends For 2017

5 Inspiring Interior Design Trends For 2017

Although it may only seem like yesterday we were celebrating the new year, trend forecasters and designers are already planning the next big interior design trends for 2017.

Why is this so important to get right? Your home decor influences your mood, inspires thinking and is generally a great reflection of your personality. If you are renovating or building a custom home, be sure to look out for the following trends to include when designing your home.

Are you ready to renew your home with a modern twist? Or maybe you want to freshen up your home with some daring decor to make a super stylish statement. Mazzei Homes have put together their top 5 big interior design trends for 2017 to look out for and stay ahead of the pack.

Terracotta Rusticity

Warm hues and materials such as terracotta will soon be replacing the currently popular design trend of white tones. Terracotta will be used in a new way than we once saw in the 1980’s and instead they will have the ever so popular natural matte finish, great to be used on feature walls.


Eclectic living room. Photo by Nanette Wong | Source: Houzz »


This trend follows the minimalist ethos of white tones with a calming element to it. You should look to include a blend of dusky colours with materials that all have an informal aesthetic. The colour palette for this design trend includes muted tones like saffrons, brick, mustard and cinnamons along with metallic accents like copper and silver. Materials should include soft suedes and fresh linen as well as terracotta, pottery and natural stone surfaces, complemented by patterns such as Aztec and Moroccan.

Back to Nature

Next year we will see interior design trends from the Nordic influence which encompasses an abundance of clear, natural light, space and simple but well-designed furniture. This natural look is signature to the down to earth, minimalist theme especially when mixed with warm textures such as cork, wood and furs which take away the sterile feel.

Cork, in particular, has made a lasting impression, this stylish material adds warmth and texture to your home and ideal to reduce noise in open plan homes. This theme also perfectly complements the above trend by incorporating terracotta, copper and glass. The popular colours used in this interior design trend are grey, beige, white, off-white and brown.


City living. Photo by Halkin Mason | Source: Houzz

Contemporary Romanticism

For those contemporary enthusiasts, this theme encapsulates a friendly and soft atmosphere without being too romantic. Textures are important in this trend and we will see fabrics such as handmade chunky knitting and crochet. The contemporary element to this interior design trend will include modern materials and furniture for a fresh and young look. Interior and materials will be much more relaxed especially in fabrics such as linen and bedding. Some of the colours to look for in this trend include soft hues such as powder blue, lavender, rose, peach, mint and turquoise.

Colour Blasts

We are no stranger to colour. Only a few seasons ago we were confidently making bold statements with bold colours. We are moving away from the perfection of home magazines and embracing a strong, bolder feel. Colour will feature in smaller quantities than in previous trends such as on a coloured sofa or rug and will be paired with much softer and less aggressive colours for the rest of the room.

The colour palette for this interior design trend will include many shades of black, white and grey with strong blasts of colour. These colour blasts will include explosive blues, deep greens and bright pinks along with many geometric patterns, the blending of pastel watercolours and colour gradients and animal prints.


Aquatic Elements

Similar to the Back to Nature trend, this interior design trend is going back to nature with a colour palette inspired by lakes and oceans. Welcoming more and more nature elements to our homes such as herbs, green plants and images of animals. Elements from the sea will also inspire your decor such as shells, coral and fish. The weather is also going to play a significant part in this design trend, such as abstract landscapes of the sea, clouds and weather. This interior design trend looks to include green hues such as blue-green, lime, khaki and olive.


If you are looking for some expert advice talk to the experts here at Mazzei Homes, custom home builders in Melbourne, committed to delivering excellence. Our team’s devotion to precision and service allows the shared vision of client and design to be fully realised to the highest standard.


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