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9 Tips for the Perfect Knockdown Rebuild

9 Tips for the Perfect Knockdown Rebuild

Have you been thinking that you have outgrown your home? Or perhaps it is beginning to look a little neglected or no longer suits your specific needs. While renovating your existing home, selling and buying, or building elsewhere are some of the possible solutions to solve these common housing dilemmas, there is also another option worth considering, knocking down your current house and building a new one in its place.

Given the many advantages of a knockdown rebuild and starting afresh, it is not hard to see why this is fast becoming an increasingly popular solution. If you are not sure of the building approach to the perfect knockdown rebuild, read on to see whether this is the right option for you and also where to start.

Define Your Needs

Thinking about and understanding the reasons for your knockdown rebuild may seem like an obvious step but it is repeatedly neglected. What are your reasons for a knockdown rebuild? Is this an investment property to rent out later or do you plan on living in it for the next five, ten or twenty years? The answers to these questions will have a great impact on the type of house you will look to design.

Define Your Budget

Building costs are very high and experts are your best option to help clarify these costs. It is important to find a custom home builder or an architect about your plans to establish a cost and to make sure you have a general understanding of what price you are comfortable with. Balancing land and building cost is really important and you should never compromise the house build by overspending on the plot size. Talk to the experts at Mazzei Homes, custom home builders Melbourne based, to help define and discuss your best options.

Engaging a consultant for the beginning also helps confirm the sort of house you want and what you will have to pay. There are a range of options available, depending on your requirements, timeframes and budgets. If the sky’s the limit then speaking with an architect may be the way to go. If your requirements are more conventional but you are still looking for a unique property reflective of your particular requirements, then a custom builder with in-house design capabilities is a great start.

Design Style

Designing your home is one of the most exciting but can also be one of the most daunting parts of building a new home. With so much of your hard earned money on the line, it is necessary to spend the time to reach the perfect house plan. It should work around your current lifestyle, but it is also important not forget about the future. Think about how you and your family can grow into this house.

There are various people who can assist with this and depending on your own level of expertise, complexity of the project and budget, you may choose to have your house designed by an architect, a custom home builder, your friend or even yourself. Each will have their pros and cons depending on your own personal situation.


Understanding Regulations

Before buying, you will need to understand the potential planning regulations and issues that might affect the block you are purchasing. In particular think of areas prone to bushfires and flooding, or where a block of land is less than 500 square metres. Neighbouring properties can affect what you build and where you build the house too.

Properties may also be affected by council controls, such as easements, overlays and covenants. For instance, heritage overlays might restrict the size and style of the house you are hoping to build. You can also review title and property documents and request a property report. In these cases, it is often easier to consult an expert for advice.

Do Your Homework

Develop a portfolio of styles, themes and looks that you like from a magazine, online or even driving around your local neighbourhood. Compile a scrapbook or images through online websites such as Pinterest. This type of information is imperative for your designers as they get a true understanding of your personality, lifestyle and design requirements.

When it comes to choosing the right builder, you may be spoilt for choice. It is really important to look for the right fit and there are many types of builders from volume to custom design builders. A custom design builder collaborates exclusively with the families to provide a bespoke design that meets regulatory requirements. Searching around is well worth your while and make sure you visit the display homes of the builders for a true taste of the quality and attention to detail you can expect.

Speak to the Professionals

There are many aspects to take into consideration when looking to design your home. Are their restrictions you block, neighbourhood characteristics, slope and fall, existing services etc. Unless you have looked into these aspects before they can be easy to miss.

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Consider the Sun

Solar orientation is one of the most important variables that needs to be considered when designing your home. Nobody wants a home that is dark and uninviting, ensure you use the sun to your advantage and make the space an inviting space to be in.

Orientation is the positioning of a building in relation to seasonal variation in the sun’s path, good solar orientation can increase the energy efficiency of your home, make it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. The side of a building that faces the North is the only side that will get the sun the entire day. A good design to follow is to face the rooms we occupy the most, the living rooms, to face North. This will give sunlight into these spaces the whole day, this is particularly beneficial in the winter.

Consider Your Block of Land

If you are looking to demolish your existing home with a knockdown rebuild, then you are spared the search for a new site. However, you may still need to search for other accommodation during the building stage. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to buy land with a house on and carry out a knockdown rebuild. In this instance, look for a rundown house with no heritage value. It may take you months to find the perfect location but orientation and block size are really important.


The view outside your kitchen or living room is one that you will see on a daily basis. Ensure that you consider what you want to be looking at and how you want to incorporate the outdoors into your home. This can often be an afterthought but if you think about it early enough, the placement of windows and room layouts can maximise the impact of your outdoors.

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