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Home Inspiration of the Month: Minimalist Interiors

Home Inspiration of the Month: Minimalist Interiors

When it comes to home design, white is often seen as the epitome of modernity, class and sleekness. If inspirational minimalist interiors are what you are searching for, Mazzei Homes, a custom home builder Melbourne based, are sure to give you the best and most current ideas this season!

Minimalism is characterised by simple decors and functionality. Commonly defined as reducing an object to its basic necessities, minimalism is also a term that characterises a popular modern architecture and design trend. From the design movement that became popular in the late 1960’s we are now seeing a new way in which a designer, a custom home builder and homeowners are engaging with the less is more characteristics of minimalism.

So what differentiates a trying exquisite, minimalist interiors from one that’s seen as plain and boring? Creating a simple space is not hard but it does require a particular balance when choosing your home design style.

Benefits of Minimalist Interiors

  • Less Distraction – Clutter is a form of visual distraction and anything in our vision will attract our attention in some way or another. The less clutter in our homes the less visual stress we will have, minimalist interiors are calming.
  • Aesthetically Appealing – Compare a cluttered home to a minimalist home. The homes with almost nothing in them except some exceptional furniture, nice artwork and very few decorations are the homes that appeal most to us. Any home can be made more appealing by making it more minimalist.
  • Easy to Clean – If you’re home is full of furniture it becomes more difficult to sweep and clean around. The more things you have, the more you have to keep these things and also it becomes more complicated to clean around.

Wall Art

When it comes to minimalist interiors, extra large wall art is becoming ever popular. Large wall art is no longer just for collectors, it can show off your personality and can also take up the space to decrease clutter in a room. Large wall art has become so popular that so many are creating art themselves to add a personal touch to their homes.


Balance and Proportion

When a space has minimal items in it, you have to be even more careful with basic design rules like balance, proportion and harmony. The furniture you choose should all be in proportion with itself, and make sure nothing is too big or too small. The visual weight of the room should be balanced, making sure one side of the room is not heavier than the other side. Creating harmony throughout your room does not mean everything needs to match but they should complement and coordinate. The biggest element to any room is the furniture, so being with simplifying your furniture choice. Think of furniture you don’t use and that can be eliminated without sacrificing livability and comfort.

Quality over Quantity

When you are aiming for minimalist interiors, you should aim to spend money when you can on high-quality and well-made pieces which is made even easier as you are not trying to fit as much as you can into one room. Try to utilise pieces that are unique finds.

It’s All in the Details

Small touches and designs throughout your space are important when you’re aiming for a simple space. Whether it’s an embroidered pillow or gold-leafed edge mirror frames. It should be something you don’t notice at first but it is something that adds to the richness without adding any clutter. Another great way is to add texture as this gives off the very same effect throughout minimal spaces.

Neutral Palettes

Although there are many minimal spaces that have embraced colour, when aiming for truly minimalist interiors, try to stick to neutral colours for an easy, sophisticated space. On the theme of neutral and natural element within your space, light is an important element. Take note of where and how light fills your home and how it presents itself. Also, when choosing lighting in your home why not spend money on one spectacular light that will set the ambience for the entire space.

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