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Big Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home

Big Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home

We spend hours and hours searching for the perfect dream home. Often we always find something that isn’t quite right. One has a tiny bathroom, the other doesn’t have enough bathrooms and this one doesn’t have a walk in robe connected to the master bedroom.

This is some of the many reasons people prefer to build their custom home from scratch. When it comes to building a custom home it can be a terrifying process if you are not prepared. Although, however thorough you plan your new home, mistakes are inevitable and often out of our hands. How can we avoid these mistakes and what are the main mistakes to avoid when building your custom home?

Building your custom home should be a positive, exciting experience, at Mazzei Homes we have put together a list of the common big mistakes to avoid when constructing your custom home

Selecting on Price, Not On Experience

The cheapest price is rarely the best value and absolute dollar amount is an important factor in selecting a builder but should not be the number one when building custom. The few thousand saved at the start are soon forgotten if the quality of your new home is not to your standard, or materials were skimped on or timeframes blown out. Selecting an experienced custom builder will go a long way to ensuring that your build is a successful one. Ask to see previous projects of a similar style to confirm their ability to complete your home to a high standard.

Only Considering Short Term

For most homeowners, to custom build your home is a dream. One of the most common design mistakes is short term planning. Do you plan on staying in your home through to you senior years? Then construct your home with reduced mobility in mind. Taking a holistic, long view at the design phase will save you all kinds of problems along the way. Consider how long you will stay in this home and what types of space you will require during this time.

Avoid choosing the cheapest and easiest construction methods without considering the long-term consequences. When looking at space requirements make sure you include a sufficient amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and storage areas. Good space planning can help your home to be useful throughout your time in it.



No Contracts

Before constructing your home, ensure that your builder is using an appropriate construction contact- one from the HIA or MBAV is suitable.. Make sure the deliverable dates and costs are specified and determine your action plan if things go wrong. Remember, this is your future home and not a verbal agreement or invoice will provide you with security if something goes wrong.

Designing too Unique

When building your custom home, we encourage to make it personal. Although, it is possible to make your home too unique. If a custom home has too many features, it will be hard to resale in the future. Whether you plan to sell your house in the next coming years or you plan to live in it for the unforeseeable future, it is worth taking the extra time to consider your home’s value.

Designing a custom home can  limit your potential buyers if done poorly, however if done well can have your  home stand out from the crowd and achieve above market returns. Speak with local real estate agents and your design team to get the balance right between creating something amazing to live in or something only you would want to live in.

When adding unique features to your home it is worth considering if they will still appeal to you in five or ten years. Consider what your space needs and also how these ‘needs’ could change and then you’ll find yourself the answer. If you are considering a unique design and think you’ll either get tired of it or it will lower your resale value, find alternative ways to include the features you want.

Keep Your Mortgage Costs in Check

When building your custom home, it is easy to end up with a bigger mortgage than you first expected. Changes throughout construction, unexpected delays and upgrades to materials can all change the price of your home.

Your mortgage will last for 15 to 30 years so it is worth making sure it is manageable. There are numerous things you can do to keep your mortgage in check and still allow you to build your dream home. To begin with have a good sense of the materials you would like to use and the design. If there are particular materials or building designs you really love, choose these early on, this way your custom home builder can help you price them and help you to decide whether they are worth the investment.



Make Changes During the Designing not the Building

It is not uncommon to make changes to a custom floor plan. You may also choose to make changes to the materials you are using or you may realise that you want to make larger changes, like adding a room or changing the layout.

Changes during the construction process are more expensive that changes during the design phase. The additional construction cost may add to the total cost and also to your monthly mortgage payment. By considering these design and construction factors early on your custom home builder can help you to incorporate these features into your initial design.


All the above mistakes will help you to find the best builder for your home. If you’re interested in building a custom home in Melbourne, contact Mazzei Homes, we are here to help. You can also view existing floor plans and find out more about building your custom home.

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