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Home Inspiration of the Month: Modern Metallic Pieces

Home Inspiration of the Month: Modern Metallic Pieces

This season is the best for bringing metallic inspiration into your home interiors. Everywhere you look metallic pieces are this season’s hottest trend. From the warm rose gold, brass and copper accents to the cool chrome, stainless steel and nickel, these applications to our home designs looks like they are here to stay making modern metallics our home inspiration of the month.

Interior design experts are gathering together to define one of the major and most popular interior design trends of 2016, decorating with metallics seems to come out on top. It appears there is no such thing as too much when it comes to incorporating modern metallics as long as it is done with care.

A subtle hint of glimmering metals can make a space infinitely and instantly more glamorous. Although, too many metallics could result in making your home feel more like a room full of mirrors. At Mazzei Homes, we are here to ensure you hit the nail on the head with the art of striking the right balance.

Add Contrast

The art to using metallic pieces and mirrors in a single space is to mix them with a range of various, softer textures to help balance them out. Try mixing in textures like velvet, wool and silks to let the metallic accents contrast and stand out on their own.

Neutral Palette

When looking to incorporate metallic pieces into a room, you will want to keep the colour scheme fairly subdued. Learn what metallic pieces pair with different colours, for instance, brass pairs incredibly well with darker colours such as black, navy and other deep jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby and topaz. While stainless steel, chrome and satin go beautifully with modern palettes such as white, grey and blue.


Warming Your Interiors

If you are looking for a warm aesthetic to your space then opt for a beautiful, rich copper. We once connoted copper with the autumn season but it seems with any season the allure of rich copper is as good time as any to bring out the golden hues in your kitchen. From custom kitchen backsplash tiles, to hammered copper countertops, there will be something to suit everyone’s style. Another popular way to add the warmth of copper to your home is the emerging trend to bring copper to your fireplace surrounds.

Combine Metallic Pieces

Don’t be afraid to mix metals and finishes as this can be done to give an extremely stylish effect. When looking to combine various metallic pieces you should look at using the same colour metal, for instance, gold in a range of different textures or finishes. Mixing chrome with various other silver metals such as nickel is another great option.

Gold and Brass

A trend that seems will never go out of fashion, gold and brass. The ever popular gold painted furniture or even gold-leafed painted home decor to add stylish and creative accents to your decorative pieces. Custom door handles and knobs, lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and pendant lights are all showcasing their golden hues and are proving a simple way to bring these metallic pieces into your home, for an added dramatic flair to your interiors, add darker hues to give your space heightened sophistication.

Photo by Moshi Gitelis - Photographer | Source: Houzz Photo by Moshi Gitelis – Photographer | Source: Houzz


While you may want to create a whole metallic feature wall or a large mirrored wall, when experimenting, accessories are a great and simple way to introduce metallics into your space. This means it will be easy to experiment and move things around to achieve the perfect balance to your space. You should look to include more permanent splashes of metallic pieces but incorporate them in small doses.

Ornamental Metallic Pieces

There is an abundance of ways to incorporate metallics throughout your home and ornamental metals can be just as important. Attention is all in the detail, why not look at incorporating iron ornamental banisters and railings to showcase these gorgeous, intricate meals. Door handles and knobs and even exterior door hardware are perfect for metals.

Plumbing Fixtures

Stainless steel, chrome and nickel are continuously being used in plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom. When deciding the design style for your home, there is a variety of plumbing fixture styles to choose from whether you choose more traditional with ornate detailing to the more minimalist contemporary styles for the more modern home.

Talk to the Experts

If you are unsure on how to approach this home inspiration trend, contact the team at Mazzei Homes, custom home builders Melbourne wide. Metallic pieces are a great way to reflect lights and open up your space, they almost always give a dull space a more interesting and unexpected finish. Look at getting metallics trending through every inch of your home.

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