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Modern Trends in Custom Home Designs

Modern Trends in Custom Home Designs

Modern trends in custom homes are driven by feelings and the response to a changing environment. The influence of technology and sustainability continue to push the boundaries of contemporary home design.

Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to embrace these trends and live in a truly modern home, designed around your practical and conceptual needs. While some trends come and go, others are rooted in a timeless style.

Custom home designs can be tricky to nail down when you first start. At Mazzei Homes, to make your job easier, we have listed six modern trends to help get you inspired.

Going Green

It’s no secret that sustainability is important. Not only is it trendy in custom home designs, but it’s part of a wider approach to ethical living and green thinking. Custom homes give you the chance to positively impact the environment, make use of the latest technology and cut your energy costs.

The ‘going green’ movement isn’t just a sustainable choice, it also reflects a trend toward natural colour palettes. Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery, a symbol of hopefulness and the connection to nature. This colour will add depth and warmth to your home, whether in the form of a textured wallpaper, living decor or indoor plants.

If this isn’t for you, there are plenty of leading shades that will help you take a breath of fresh air in your home. Kale tones will remind you of vertical gardens and leafy greenery, while apple or grass-toned shades can relieve stress and elevate your mood by connecting with nature.

Digital-Free Spaces

Open-plan is a timeless approach to design that’s here to stay, but the rise of digital technologies is now seeing the emergence of small, tucked-away spaces. To combat the often invasive nature of televisions and computers, broken plan is taking centre stage.

Custom homes can offset the nature of open plan without losing out on space by introducing cosy, digital-free nooks. These intimate rooms are designed for reflection, socialising, reading or mastering a hobby. Relaxed features such as built-in bookshelves or a daybed continue the escapist trend.

High-Tech Features

Make the most of the latest technology to create a home that is flexible and completely convenient. In recent years, technology has advanced to offer streamlined, functional devices that make your home a smart place to live in.

Introduce smart technology such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home to play songs, ask questions and dim the lights through your iPad. The possibilities are endless! These high-tech systems enhance the security of your home and the way you live. By controlling the power remotely from an app, you can enjoy complete visibility over your usage and reduce your electricity and gas bills.

Rustic Materials

Terracotta has experienced a welcome resurgence in custom home designs around the world. It’s a modern trend that follows the minimalist neutral approach but with a warm, calm difference. Popular muted tones such as saffron and brick signal this return to nature.

Celebrate the elements with characterful terracotta accents in each room of your home. Now produced in a range of shapes, colours and finishes, you can upgrade your bathroom to bohemian chic with a selection of patchwork tiles.

Dual-Use Rooms

Versatility is an inherent feature of custom home designs and reflects the growing need for custom homes to suit smaller block sizes. Creating living spaces that flow and are easily convertible will help you adapt to lifestyle changes as well as modern trends.

Flexible furniture options that can be folded or moved from room to room, transforming into multi-use objects, can be found widely with the rise of apartment living. In response to the ever-changing demands of work, home offices can now double as bedrooms or entertainment spaces.

Dark Colour Schemes

Modern trends in custom home designs suggest that dark hardwood floors are back in business. Whether you are starting a renovation or a new build, smoked or black oak floors can complement the living space to create a crisp room.

While in recent years, white and light wash finishes have reigned supreme, the darker tones can create a sublime, luxurious feel in any room. To incorporate the look seamlessly into your new home, be sure to establish a clear balance between dark and light.


If you’re interested in these trends in custom home designs and looking to build a custom home in Melbourne, contact Mazzei Homes. You can also view existing floor plans and find out more about building your custom home.

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