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Stay on Budget During Home Renovations

Stay on Budget During Home Renovations

At Mazzei Homes, we understand that when you choose to renovate, it is because you want to transform your living space into something fantastic. By cleverly adding natural light, openness and well-considered layouts, homes can transform from functional areas to spectacular spaces that are inviting to be in and enriching to the soul. The more appealing the spaces are, the more likely it is that the area will encourage communal living, meaning more quality time with friends and family, and ultimately a significant improvement to people’s lifestyles and wellbeing.

But figuring out a budget for a renovation can often be off putting for home owners. It can be difficult to precisely predict cost from the beginning due to several factors not being known until after works commence. For example, you can’t possibly know what condition the frame is in behind the plaster.

The best way to stick to a budget is to define clearly what the scope of works is. That might mean some tough compromising! Once you have chosen between a new floor or bench top, you should then speak to multiple professionals to gain a thorough understanding of what costs are likely to be incurred. We recommend always allowing at least 10% contingency for small projects and upwards of 20% for larger works as that should cover most unforeseen issues.

Renovating, whether you are going to give your kitchen a makeover or improve your entire house, is a process. Treat it as such, and you will get so much more out of the experience. When we build luxury homes for our clients, we ensure that every detail and nuance is completed with a high standard of excellence. High-quality work doesn’t have to take excess time, but it does require intensive planning and focus. When each facet of a build is given the love and attention it deserves, the results are stunning – and the project stays closer to the original budget and time frame.

Bupa Home Insurance  recently included us for our expert opinion in their article on ‘How to Stick to Your Renovation Budget’. The article offers plenty of great insight on ways to help you adhere to your original plan so you get the results you deserve. Find out where to focus your budget to help you to potentially increase the value of your property and you’ll be surprised by the improvement in your quality of life too.

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